Jason's Pashto Verb Conjugator

Currently in Beta, this utility conjugates regular Pashto verbs ONLY using a set of rules (it is not a dictionary!).

A few irregulars are also handled if I know them and type them in, but this is about rules, as I've learned them from our teacher Rahman.

Changing the endings of past transitive verbs based on the gender of nouns inside the compound is not yet supported, so take care with transitives in the past tense. Also adjectives inside compound verbs will not yet change their endings. For most accurate results, just provide the basic infinitive without needless compound additions.

For now, the 1st and 2nd persons are masculine. I hope to give an option to change that soon.

This is a work in progress - if something is wrong then it is my fault, and you can email jason at pashtools.com to make suggestions/corrections with as much detail as possible (i.e. why) and I'll happily fix!

1. Input verb infinitive, and press the Conjugate button:
Is the final word in this verb based on a noun/adjective?